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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 8, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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♪ tonight, a sharon osbourne exclusive. just after claiming her husband cheated with six women, how she's dealing with ozzie behind closed doors. >> is he honestly going to turn around and say i've never been with another woman in 40 years. >> what their relationship is like now and the lessons she says she's learned. >> then,
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backlash. why arie got the gig over other fan favorites. >> and exclusive new details bomb jamie fox and katie holmes romance. >> clarkson's new music, prince george's first day of school and think you know the real taylor swift. candid behind-the-scene moments with her cat. >> are you a saber tooth tiger cub? are you my baby wolf reap. are you the princess of meow town. >> now, for september 7th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> another day, another bachelor controversy. bachelor nation at odds over the return of the kissing bandit turned new bachelor arie. we'll have that come up. >> but, first, the ladies of "the talk" dropped by our set earlier and sharon osbourne opened up to our nischelle turner from the lessons she's learned from ozzie's cheating scannedal. >> what do you think women with learn from your experience? >> when you're married to somebody that has han addict
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women, it's not what women can learn from me. it's i think what couples can learn from us. >> and for the osbournes lesson number one was lifting the veil on otzy's infidelities. sharon recently acknowledged he had cheated on her with six women throughout their passionate yet imperfect 35-year marriage. >> i've known him for 40 years, and in 40 years is he honestly going to turn around and say i've never been with another woman in 40 years, no. it's life. it happens. >> the fire ignited may 2016 when sharon discoveredes was in the midst of a four-year affair with his hairdresser michelle pugh. lesson number two, take a stand. >> i can't keep living like this. >> announcing she's kicked him out on "the talk." hand lesson number three is to find support. >> my husband was brave enough to come out and say, hey, you caught me. hi need help, and
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know, in long-term treatment for this. >> sharon, meanwhile, relied on her children and extended family at "the talk." >> i want to know because so many people break up over things like that and why you think you guys have been able to make it. >> because i livedho witut him and i'm much happier with him than without him, and i just don't want to give that it up. >> but their most important lesson, always find humor. >> we laugh about it. >> do you? >> because it helps you get through t.because otherwise it would be like you know the kur tape scene in "psycho," you have to find some humor in something. >> and that is why we love mrs. o. >> one way to look at it. >> always keeps it real. tomorrow more of my conversation with the ladies of "the talk" ahead of monday's premiere including their search for a new co-host. who is it going to be? >> curious. >> the search for the next bachelor is over, and for bachelor nation, well, it's a blast from the show's
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past. >> everybody shay hello to our newest bachelor arie. >> is it sinking in that you're actually the bachelor? >> it sunk? >> the news came as a shock to bachelor nation. richard krauss was under discussions to become the next bachelor but according to the executive vice president of programming rememberer mills he's still heartbroken over the break-up. it was both sides saying, quote, it's not 100% right. peter spoke out for the first time via instagram saying something held me back. he went ton say when you let uncertainty or fear guide your decisions, you risk miss mc out on what could potentially be the greatest opportunity of a lifetime. mope while, unhappy fans have been voicing their discontent on social media calling out the almost 36-year-old bachelor pick as old and boring. so exactly who is arie? nance might remember the race car driver as emily maynard's runner up
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bachelorette." >> emily and i have such a great connection. she's such a beautiful down to earth girl. >> i love kissing him because it's that god. >> dubbed the kissing bandit by fans, he even dated former bad girl courtney robertson who called him an expert at lip locking and the best sex she's ever had. he was set to be the replace six years ago before being replaced by krois sowles which left arie embarrassed which is why he kept the news top secret and didn't even tell his parents. >> they are just finding out, hey, mom and dad. >> jamie fox 48 hours ago were photographed frolicking in the malibu surf and now that they are publicly a couple the paparazzi have gone into overdrive. >> are you and katie holmes annite snem. >> yesterday outside l.a. jamie was approached by photographers thirsty for details about his labor day beach pda. >> you looked pretty cozy on the beach al
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>> while jamie stayed tight-lipped katie holmes was all smiles at new york fashion week, this as we're learning more about fox-kat's relationship and a source saying they are very happy and jamie seen very romantic performing many sweet gestures, and they are both outdoorsy. >> property runs all the way up to the top of the hill. >> katey enjoys spending time at his massive l.a. home taking in this view and watching the sun set with him. she's been very sweet to workers and guests there. we're also told katey's daughter suri has been over having fun and playing with jamie's 8-year-old daughter annal li se and having family around is always important for jamie. >> i was an only child and sometimes i missed some of the brothers and sisters around you all the time. >> yesterday katie shared this shot of her lunch date with her 11 yeeshlgd the caption my sweetie and some wonder if the adult sweetie was the one taking the pick and pointing to this nearby unattended glass
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jamie. he was spot solo around the same time grabbing some takeout. >> suri is katey's little mini me. speaking of cute kid, today was prince george's first day of school. take a look alternate. but sadly it started without mom kate who continues to battle severe morning sickness, so it was dad who the rescue. >> george was too adorable walking into the school in south london. william dutifully carried his school-issued back and they were greeted by the head of the school. royal watchers seeing meeting multiple versions of his uniform gets pricey. >> his navy pullover is $32 and matching bermuda shows over $30 so winter socks are just over $1 and george black shoes almost $:45. everything that each student needs is around $500. >> tuition starts at more than $23,000 a year and george's attendance marks a break with royal tradition. >> previous gat
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royals have generally gone to single-sex schools, but at least at thomas batteras, charlotte can follow. >> student are taught kindness and human rights and that should appeal to william who fought for the less fortunate and george can have fun, too. >> perhaps george will take up golf like his dad. >> one activity is required. >> compulsory for all boys and girls up to the age of 7 is ballet class. ♪ >> and there are several ballet shows that take place throughout the year and princess diana, george's grand mother, was a huge ballet fan, and it's probably something that she very much enjoys. >> is it scary that i remember william's first day and now look at george. he's growing up. you know the stars of "will & grace" 2.0 are a little older, a little wires, but most importantly all fired up for their september 28th return. >> the firste
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and the audience went insane. >> the energy you feel every single tape night reminds you howpe scial the show. >> >> the weirdest thing about this whole thing is that it doesn't feel weird. >> the first taping was like old times, hugging, dancing, kissing. the crew is back after 11 years and the four didn't miss a beat. >> okay. he's a man who has aged no a lesbian. >> steven tyler, john voigt, newt gingrich. >> yes. >> do have to keep that up character or have to explain why -- no. will and grace are living together, jack across the haul and karen is still rich. just allows us to get on with the fun. >> oh, yeah. >> i am excited about the show coming back because i think we need, it and i think the country is looking to laugh at something. >> their return to the set came 19 years after the show
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>> the an as much as deborah is looking forward to what's new. >> lock hat that. >> loves looking back on her favorite episode of all time, the exploding water bra. >> on shoot night it's freezing here ant tube that was supposed expel the water through my bra brothers, and all the water was going back on to me and so i kept -- i was completely sopping wet, you know it was worth it. >> up next ♪ >> kell el lana clarkson's new music sneak peak. the big risk she's taking with her career. plus, a new taylor swift feud. why she's getting into a cat fight with andy sanberg? >> and james cordin rejewels his favorite karaoke song big news from advil, advil liqui-gels minis. our first concentrated pill
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new images from monsters documentary gaga 5'2". it's actually premiering tomorrow night at the toronto film festival. our resident canadian cameron mathieson will be there and in the middle of all the action. >> going to be a little monster. >> yeah. let's talk about another music bomb, kelly clarkson, her new album "meaning of life" droppings october 22nd and if you need a kelly fix until then how about this new music video. ♪ ♪ >> when people saw me on "american idol" they expected this record from me because i -- you got to pick what you wanted to sing and i would pick some nd
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sounding vibe. >> soulful and sassy. "love goes off" is the first single from the 35-year-old's first studio album. ♪ >> this record marks a huge change in kelly's 15-year career. for first time she says she's in control making the r & b album she's always dreamed of. >> this is going to sound super sad but it's super honest. i can't believe thafrm wht what wanted happened. it's a record i dreamed of making since i was a kid. >> that record a became a reali reality. >> she signed are rca after winning "american idol" saying it was an arranged marriage and the mom two said it had become a bit of an abusive relationship both emotionally and mentally. today kelly also dropped the audio to "move," another new track from her upcoming album, and she says she couldn't be
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>> it's so good that like even if someone doesn't like it, well, obviously also, you suck and have no good taste at all. >> still ahead, stars with some serious style from j. law's stunning sparkles to a platinum blond and kim kay in skin tight latex. >> ands doereese witherspoon havego-too romance advice. >> i have so little time to give it. >> her number one tip and her thoughts on dating younger. >> and then how chris hemsworth got his wife to appear in the first "thor" movie without her even knowing. >> but wife is around the corner. you can get her in. >> closed captioning is provided by --
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so i have to, you know, i'll eat the prop food. >> taylor swift indumpinging in a bowl of cookie dough on the set of her new commercial which features her cat olivia and andy sanberg who she gets into a fight with. >> okay, taylor, just like us with cookie dough. showing off her new reputation style, the holes in the sweater and black pants and sneakers. meantime her rival kim rdashian west is dominating new york fashion week with a new metallic mane. w>>e changed up the look, a little wet and longer. >> died her hair icy blond and the length, those are extensions, the black skin tight dress made of latex with four way stretch so it was sure to hug every single curve. kim pa60id $0 for the pvc dress and another version, more coveredp
1:57 am
there, is available for $350. but looking like a million wee can't stop saying at j. law, omg. this is how you own a red carpet. hands on hips, the over-the-shoulder stare and that versace dress. it's made of thousand of individual chains formed into an intricate web from. behind you think it would be a little naughty but j. law is nice. the naked illusion gown had a nude underlay added to the original to keep it classy for the london premiere of "mother" directed by her boyfriend darren aronovski. >> and let us all bow down to pen employ cruz, 43 and flat out fabulous in this white versesy gown, the full-feathered skirt and dangerous high-cut slit which showed off those legs. yes, this is what a mom two looks like. >> can we all just take a minute. my
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two and how about a mother of three, reese witherspoon in her new movie "home again" who is dating a younger man which she has done in real life too. >> i've seen younger guys. >> and one of the younger guys it is jake gyllenhaal. he was 26 and she 32 when they dated starting back in 2007. reese has been linked with other celbs, chris owed dell, steven d o'rr and, of course, her ex-ryan philippe and husband jim toft is 47 so does 21-year-old reese have advice about love? >> i have so little time to give it it. my mom is very good at giving advice. she was telling me, you know, be with somebody who understands who you are. >> other words of wisdom, reese tells "glamour" magazine run away from a man who can't handle your ambition. >> they have done all these studies at harvard and colombia about women who have ambitious qualities are seen as selfish or
1:59 am
self-serving, and it's actually completely opposite. they have a mission or drive to help other people so i'm trying to take the stigma off the words so we encourage more little girls to be ambitious. i remember in third grade, went around the room and said what do you want to be when you groin, this one a doctor and this an astronaut and i want to be the first female president of the united states. >> she's the real lies tracy flick from "election" and hollywood's new and classic royalty, step different stars made the cut for all the covers and let's take, for instance, the man they call "thor" and mom calls him chris hemsworth whose kids aren't impressed with their avenger dad. >> one sim pressed with "thor" and the other are two like, whatever. his mini avenger terroristan is all he needs to keep superhero spirit alive in his family home in australia. >> i come home from work and he's like papa, did you fight monsters? did you pick up the monsters? >> all that
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won class the classic royalty title in the october issue that reveals "thor" has been a family affair. his wife elsa appeared in the time movie when northman wasn't available for the kiss. >> we had all these young ladies who are all wonderful and said my wife is around the corner and why not get her in and i wouldn't have to explain what i was doing at work kissing someone else. >> classic royalty ray romano used his interview to kiss and tell flashing back to his first kiss with anna before they were married. >> this is how she described it. she goings lean over, you kiss me, we're parked outside. you kiss me, and then you stare out the windshield. you don't look at me for the rest our conversation. i'm not good with women. >> one of "w"'s new royals james cordin gushes with "craky classics" revealing his gosh-to tune when not in the carpool. >>an
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i don't know the last time you listened to "mandy." but it's the best [ bleep ] pop song ever written ♪ i remember all my life ♪ standing out as cold and ice ♪ shadows of a man faced through a window ♪ ♪ crying through the night and the night goes in to morning, just another day ♪ >> it's a masterpiece. it's a masterpiece >> you know, our barry man irklow song, "can't smile without you." >> you're so cheesy. all right. coming up, janet gives back. how she's hoping to bring aid to the victims of hurricane harvey. that is coming up next.
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>> be right there, baby.
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travel consideration provided by -- before we go, the support for hurricane harvey victims has come from all drektsz, from george clooney to houston's hometown girl beyonce. >> hand now nfl players are teaming up with visa to support the effort. >> i play for new orleans. >> i play for new york. >> i play for new england. >> the season kicks off today, but before these players take the field and take on each other, they are joinings forces. >> we're all supporting. >> the recovery
2:05 am
and 2007 super bowl champ julian edelman are rallying together in visa's hurricane harvey relief effort and the commercial will air during the nfl's first game of the season and lending his voice to the spot is none other than morgan freeman. >> when it comes to helping the people of texas and the gulf coast, we are all on the same team. >> can you help these supporting the american red cross by visiting >> and another for promising her support, janet jackson. her concert tour hits houston on saturday, but janet is telling her fans that she's heading there ahead of schedule. >> we're going to roll in early because we want to do some of the show hand not visit some of the shows, but because we also want to the do something special for the victims. >> i love everybody pitching in. >> i
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own bags and in some cases, pillowcases. >> glor: mark strassmann with us here in miami. mark, thank you very much.


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